Concert schedule

Title Kobe YMCA Bell-Choir Christmas Concert 2015 - Finished -
Date 23, December, 2015 15.00~
Venue Kobe Nada Hall (Kishiji st. 1-1-1, Nada-ku, Kobe) 
Ticket 1800 yen for the tickets in advance (2000 yen for the tickets to sell on the day of performance)

Title Kobe YMCA Bell-Choir Handbell Concert - Finished -
Date 24, October, 2015 14.00~
Venue Keisen Nursery School (Awaji City)

*You can listen to some of the pieces at this concert YouTube

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Title Special Concert in SEIAI vol. 2 - Finished -
Date Saturday, 11, July 16.30
Venue Kobe Seiai Church (The United Church of Christ in Japan)
Ticket 1500 yen


Listen to the performance at the past concerts
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