Kobe YMCA Bell-choir / Ding Dong Ringers

40周年記念動画 第4回 40th anniversary movie #4


In the previous video, we selected tango arranged with many unique techniques of handbells, and this time in the 4th and final video of our 40th anniversary movie, we would like to share Japanese music. “Otemoyan,” a funny folk song from Kyushu region, and from a contemporary popular Japanese song, “Song of Life.”

1 Otemoyan おてもやん (日本民謡/阿部 望 編曲)

2 Song of Life いのちの歌 (村松 崇継 作曲/阿部 望 編曲)


↓こちらからは、2曲続けてご視聴いただけます。From here you can hear two pieces in sequence. ⬇️

おてもやん いのちの歌